Unlike Sasha, I’m an “oldie”!

My story is very different to Sasha’s which just reflects the varied backgrounds and experiences we all have. I was diagnosed with UC on my 40th Birthday – many years ago! In those days, all you were told was, “You have a problem with your bowel and you will need to take pills for the rest of your life.” That proved to be true and I have been on several medications – steroids being the most numerous – and I am now on one of the new Biologic Drugs administered intravenously every so often.

What I’ve found difficult to accept is that, even although you might not be flaring, you never quite feel 100% and some days it’s easier to ignore than others. Some days you just know you need to be within running distance of the loo.

I spent a great deal of my working life trying to hide the condition but now I am retired, I can give myself time to understand it a bit more – without it getting on top of me and managing to get the most out of life in spite of it.

The support group has been a great help in this aspect and I would encourage you to come along to one of our meetings – it truly is good to talk! I have been nominated as the Chairman of the group and I am very keen to hear what the group can do for you as well so make sure you join us and share your experiences, tips – and sense of humour. We all have one!

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