Following the previous email from Dr Wu, there were several queries on our Facebook page about prescription requests not being allowed. Andrew Cornall, who administers our Facebook page, has now posted the following:

I have just been talking to Dr Wu about the query you all have about prescription requests. It may not have been very clear, but this does not mean that you all have to change how you get your prescriptions. If you are still getting your immunosuppressants from the hospital because they are monitoring your bloods etc. to get your dosage and treatment correct, that will not change. Most other medications probably come from the GP anyway. I know I was only getting my azathioprine from the hospital. They are trying to reduce our risk by keeping us from visiting the hospital unnecessarily, it is not a safe place at the moment for us. All the consultants are working as best they can for us and from Monday they will be covering wards in the hospital as well. These plans are all very fluid at the moment and it will take a little while to get right. It may never be perfect until we get back to some normality. So, if you used to get your immunosuppressants from the hospital, you still can put in prescription requests. I hope this answers some of the questions

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