One of our Support Group members asked what the current arrangements for getting blood tests done were. Dr Wu has sent the following:

A really good question. Things are changing rapidly as we navigate through this pandemic. 

The current stance is GP surgeries should be still undertaking blood taking service, the frequency as clinically indicated/advised from the hospital specialty.  Failing this, during the pandemic, there will be 3 ‘hubs’ with a blood taking (phlebotomy) service – Farnham, Aldershot and Frimley OPD 1. If the patient is going to the GP, Farnham or Aldershot, then they will need to take the blood forms with them – these can be emailed/mailed out to the patient.

For all patients having blood tests after starting an immunosuppressant (azathioprine, 6-mercaptopurine, methotrexate or a biologic) by the IBD team, we ask that the patients contact our helpline within a few days of the bloods being taken so that the IBD team can review the results and act accordingly. We ask if an email can be sent to try and ease the pressure on the telephone/voicemail service. 

If changes to your IBD medication are required, it is essential you contact the IBD helpline to discuss this first. 

Hope this helps.

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